Case Studies - Demonstrating Value

handshake Client: Subcontractor

Services: Adjudication - Claimant Representation

Project Description
The amount in dispute between the subcontractor and contractor was in excess of £50k. The subcontractor considered that the contractor had undervalued its works and was incorrectly withholding monies otherwise due for payment.
The Challenge
  • There was a lack of an organised system and process to deal with disputes and the subcontractor did not fully appreciate what needed to be done to successfully prosecute its entitlement.
  • The subcontractor lacked experience and confidence in dealing with disputes and had little idea how the adjudication process worked.
The Solution
  • We immediately reviewed the project correspondence and records and discussed matters with the subcontractor’s management team.
  • Through a systematic analysis of all the correspondence and records, we offered options and valuable advice on the way forward.
  • We established the strategy and advised as to risk.
  • We drafted letters and response documents on behalf of the subcontractor and led the dispute resolution strategy.
The benefits
  • We succeeded in winning the adjudication.
  • We demonstrated added value to the subcontractor by proposing strategies that had not been considered such as increasing the evaluation of work completed.
  • We saved the subcontractor both time and money through the use of in-house resources directed by our expertise. The team was led by us and supported by relevant experts, thereby removing the need for the subcontractor to identify and brief external lawyers and experts. Although lawyers were instructed by us to deal with legal issues as appropriate.
  • The cost models that we offered to the subcontractor shared risk.
  • We added to the subcontractor’s profit.
  • Had we not been able to provide a cost effective resource solution which immediately put in place an appropriate strategy to manage the overall dispute it is likely that the dispute would have drifted on for a longer period and as such would have impacted on the subcontractor’s cash flow.
  • Given our substantial experience in the dispute resolution process and more specifically adjudication, we were able to deal with issues quickly and with confidence. We identified the subcontractor’s risk and put in place an appropriate strategy.