Services - Expert Advice / Expert Witness

It is a regrettable fact that many disputes in the construction and development sector cannot be amicably resolved. As such it is likely that Expert support will be required to assist in prosecuting or defending any claim and ultimately in resolving any dispute.

Careful consideration should be given at the outset as to the overall strategy surrounding the appointment and instructions given to Expert Advisors and Expert Witnesses. Briefly an Expert Advisor has a duty as set out in its terms of engagement to the organisation that has instructed it. Whereas an Expert Witness has a duty to the Court or Arbitral Tribunal regardless as to which Party has instructed it. Contract Dispute Solutions Limited has extensive and invaluable experience in acting as an Expert Advisor or Expert Witness.

As Expert Advisor we can be engaged early so that we can advise on the merits of your position, strengths and weaknesses etc and contribute in deciding the overall strategy to resolve the dispute. We can also evaluate and schedule causative particulars for formal pleadings that may form part of any Litigation or Arbitration and assist in disclosure procedures. Specifically as to our Expert Witness services we can be instructed by your lawyers to provide Expert opinion based evidence on matters such as:
  • Quantum Evaluation.
  • Project Planning and Delay Analysis.
  • Defective Work.
  • Quantity Surveying and Project Management Professional Negligence.
  • Programming and Planning Professional Negligence.
  • Development Appraisal and Processes Professional Negligence.
  • Commercial/Construction Director Duties.